The multicultural colouring book

Concept designer, Concept development, Creative execution

This project was a try-out for Studio Roosegaarde. The project was initiated to highlight our multicultural society through stage design. The design projects patterns and colours taken from traditional clothing on events like Keti Koti.

During my application for Studio Roosegaarde, I was asked to come up with a concept that is close to my heart and that is part of my day-to-day surroundings. At the time, I was working daily in Rotterdam and living in Rotterdam West. Rotterdam, and the West part included, is well known for its great variety of cultures and ethnicities. Though, it feels a little bit like we are all living in our bubbles and moving alongside each other during our day-to-day activities.

While researching online and interviewing different people, I’ve found that foreign cultures look at the Dutch as wearing toned-down and simple styles, patterns and colours. At the same time, foreign cultures have a very rich history of dressing up during celebrations and ceremonies. It brings them pride and it is still used to acknowledge their backgrounds.

To gain more acknowledgement and respect for our backgrounds and cultures, I designed a spatial installation that takes detailed pictures from the traditional outfits of visitors of festivals like Keti Koti and Motel Mozaique. The wide variety of prints, patterns and colours are projected on the spatial and architectural installation and presents a big 3D collage of different cultures.

The originally white/grey installation representing the empty Dutch culture is being coloured by the rich and colourful cultures that our country consists of.

This project gives me the experience of coming up with a conceptual project based on a very general brief and designing something relevant to the assignment.