Nike Layout Design

Spatial Design - Layout merchandising - Consumer Behavior

Spatial Layout designs, mainly for Nike Live and Rise store concepts practice the use of design guidelines for fixture store layouts and consumer journeys for stores around Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

As a Spatial Layout & Fixture Designer, you are responsible for the zoning and spatial layout and fixtures of a Nike store.

Nike offered to use my experience in design & retail background for the development of the Nike Live and Rise concepts. By focusing mainly on highlighting Nike product categories, and consumer flows, and telling merchandising stories, I’ve set up design guidelines for the agency to work autonomously. These resulted in heavy partnerships with the Visual Merchandising teams and were translated into playbooks and toolkits for general use. I joined the Nike Rise squad to kick-start the new Nike Rise Small Format concept.

The team and I are responsible for stores all over Europe, Africa en the Middle East and I’ve designed around 17 of them. Besides designing the look of the store, skills in project management and communicating with many different stakeholders are needed, and directing our retail design agency.

This is a skill that lifted my experience as a designer.

After the architects design the store’s structure, our role is to dictate where the different shopping areas are, like Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Football, Jordan and apparel and footwear. Many studies are done to land on a consumer-friendly journey that incorporates concept guidelines coming from the Nike Global office.

We do studies in 2D, creating comparison boards and eventually translating the layouts into 3D visuals using Sketchup. The outcome of these studies is directives for the external agency.

Fixtures dictate the experience of the store and tell the stories of shoppable Nike products. This step is done both in 2D and 3D. Because perceiving Nike products is leading at this stage, we align with the Visual Merchandising, Consumer Marketing and local store employees.

Throughout the process, 2 or 3 milestones are presented to the wider teams and franchise partners.