This is where it all began for me. The Nike Joga Bonito story was my first love for Nike and its amazing marketing campaigns. It dared me to dream and that that dream can be reached by doing a hell of a lot of fun things. And it got me addicted to Fifa street...


Hi there. I’m an Experience Designer & Interaction Designer working with spatial, retail & product designs. But I would love to call myself a storyteller. Stories about cultures, contexts and great products. Engaging, empowering, inclusive and motivating. It should make the viewer feel good and feel inspired. That’s why I love telling these stories: To encourage people to make their lives even greater.

From moving my furniture around in my old bedroom every month to dreaming about designing Lamborghinis and going on an architectural trip to America to watch Frank Lloyd Wrights's work, I’ve been keeping myself busy with thinking about experiences. This led me to finish my bachelors in Industrial Design Engineering and a masters in Design for Interaction, and continue to start as a Layout & Fixture Designer at Nike EMEA. Always being drawn to people and how they present themselves, I’ve gathered an interest in styling too, which encouraged me to work at conceptual brands and help with the brand & collection positioning.

All these experiences make me feel very excited about applying for the visual merchandising and styling specialist position at Nike EMEA

I can bring a great variety of experiences to the function. Making grounded design decisions based on consumer and lifestyle research when studying at the TU Delft. Graduating with an experimental dress design that focussed on emotions and taking the next step in fashion design and styling. Art directing that project and presenting it at expositions, and promoting the few Rotterdam events I’ve been organizing together with cultural friends. The practical experiences and knowledge in product presentation I’ve gained by designing the spatial layout and interactive story of a museum exposition and my 2.5 years of experience designing spatial retail layouts and working together with the VM&S team at Nike Brand Creative Retail.

With all that, I’m extremely eager to learn from all the inspiring people at Nike Consumer Direct Marketing and hope to bring some inspiration as well so we can design beautiful stories together.